Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Many community organizations have doing strategic plans in recent years. Crete Public Schools, Doane University, the Chamber of Commerce, even the library is doing community focus groups. How is this different?

This planning process is a way for us to connect all those plans and other good work already happening in our community. Here in Crete, we share goals of looking out for our neighbors, of wanting a community where everyone feels like they belong and they can put down roots. Through this coordinated process we can be even more welcoming.

What can I do to participate?

Everyone who cares about this community is welcome to participate in whatever way they can. There are committees who will be looking at different aspects of our Crete community. There will also be opportunities for community members to share their opinions and experiences.

Don't see a question and answer here? Send an email with your question to cretewelcomingcircle@gmail.com.