Strategic Planning Committees

As part of the strategic planning process, the following committees were formed and charged with defining committee roles and defining informational needs to draft the survey. The committees will also play a role in interpreting the data and drafting the strategic plan. The strategic planning committee used the One Siouxland Welcoming Strategic Planning Document to inform the planning process.

Strategic Planning Core Committee

The Strategic Planning Core Committee guides the strategic planning process by organizing and communicating with the following committees. The committee is comprised of the following members:

Jared List, Associate Professor of Spanish, Doane University
Khenda Mustafa, Welcoming Coordinator, Nebraska Appleseed
Luis Sotelo, Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Doane University
Joy Stevenson, Director, Crete Public Library
Nancy Tellez, Community Assistance Director, City of Crete
Christa Yoakum, Sr. Welcoming Coordinator, Nebraska Appleseed

Government & Leadership Action Planning Committee
Committee Chair: Ryan Hinz

The Government & Leadership Action Planning Committee aims to:

  • investigate and analyze the systems and programs in local government that strengthen community efforts and embed inclusion within the government agencies.

Civic Engagement & Connected Communities Action Planning Committee
Committee Chair: Josie Filipi

The Civic Engagement & Connected Communities Committee is responsible for ensuring:

  • All Crete community members are empowered and supported to engage in civic life

  • Eligible voters understand the issues and vote in elections

  • Leadership in all sectors reflects our community’s diversity to ensure policies that are enacted are equitable and well-informed

  • 2020 Census is inclusive of all residents

  • Naturalization is promoted and made accessible to those that may be eligible

  • Committee will inform community members of opportunities to volunteer and engage in community service

Safe Communities Action Planning Committee

The Safe Communities Committee aims to:

  • build and foster trusting relationships with community and law enforcement, safety agencies, and public health agencies

  • ensure all members of the community are aware of and can access information and opportunities related to public safety and public health resources and services

  • minimize health disparities and safety disparities

  • build community-agency partnerships to promote health and safe living (traffic safety, pedestrian safety, elderly, drug and substance use, mental health).

  • provide educational opportunities to residents to have a better understanding of the law and reduce the feeling for people that “they don’t know how to speak up” to institutions of authority.

Education & Economic Development Action Planning Committee

Committee Chair: Jared List

The Education and Economic Development Committee aims to:

  • establish a framework that educates the community over existing resources,

  • provide equitable access to educational and economic resources and opportunities through community support and partnerships,

  • commit to the mission of Crete Public Schools ensuring “success for all.”

Equitable Access Action Planning Committee

The Equitable Access Action Planning Committee aims to:

  • examine the systems and methods used to connect community members to information, resources, and services

  • identify and reduce individual, organizational, and system-level barriers in order to ensure every community member has the opportunity to participate and contribute fully in the community.