Strategic Planning

Beginning in 2019, the Welcoming Circle Strategic Planning Committee is undergoing a strategic planning process to identify goals and implement a framework to achieve the defined objectives. The areas in which the committee is focusing include education and economic development, safe communities, government and leadership, civic engagement and connected communities, and equitable access.

This strategic planning process comes at a time in Crete were other community organizations have recently undergone or are undergoing the process, including Crete Public Schools and Doane University. Among these organizations there is a collective effort to foster and sustain a community that empowers all of its members to reach their full potential. Such efforts build upon a long-standing tradition that seeks to collaboratively maintain a vibrant, safe, and thriving community.

Within each of the aforementioned areas we see the following opportunities for growth and development: maintaining and sustaining collaboration, addressing and incorporating different sectors of the community into a one community in motion, as well as questions of voice and representation. Our hope is that the strategic planning process invites broad participation and representation of community voices that unites and dialogues with community organizations and their strategic plans and goals.

It is our plan to assemble teams to serve on strategic planning action plan committees to help Crete continue to be a welcoming community. It is here where we ask for your participation. We feel your voice and leadership would benefit strategic planning.